The Sutcliff Family

Our family’s experience with WMS was above and beyond our expectations.

With the enrolment of our three-year old son, we immediately noticed development in his personality, and his communication with adults and especially other children.
Two years later he has come so far, from the boy who struggled to communicate his thoughts and feelings to a boy who can read and write. He has grown to be a compassionate individual with a love for science and nature. With his learning, and influence from the staff at WMS he has held out his hand and taken it upon himself to lead his little sister in the discovery of all that he has had the opportunity to explore.

With that in mind it was an obvious decision when we enrolled our eighteen-month old daughter in the Casa program at WMS. Quickly following her brother’s footsteps, our daughter has matured in leaps and bounds. She surprises us daily with her new songs and stories, and continues to educate us on many of her new learnings and experiences she has developed at Waterdown Montessori. Thank you to the staff at WMS for all that you have done.

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